Used Mud Belt Sludge Dehydration Filter Press

Belt filter press is an environmental protection device that dewaters mud through physical extrusion between belt belts on the machine. Sludge is mixed with flocculant to react and flocculate into lumps, and then passes through pre-dewatering area → concentration dewatering area → low pressure drainage area → S-shaped extrusion area → high pressure area so that sludge moisture is gradually discharged through the belt through the extrusion force between belt belts and finally discharged into mud cake.

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After the concentrated sludge and a certain concentration of flocculant are fully mixed in a static and dynamic mixer, the tiny solid particles in the sludge are condensed into flocculent lumps with a larger volume, free water is separated at the same time, the flocculated sludge is conveyed to a concentrated gravity dewatered filter belt, free water is separated under the action of gravity to from sludge in a non-flowing state, and then the sludge is clamped between the upper and lower mesh belts and gradually squeezed under the action of pressing force and shearing force from small to large in a wedge-shaped pre-pressing area, a low pressure area and a high pressure area, so as to achieve the maximum separation of mud and water and finally from filter cake discharge.

Used belt filter press


Ceramics, metallurgical mines, coal washing, textile printing and dyeing, municipal sewage, paper making, petrochemical, leather,brewing, food processing, chemistry, pharmacy, electroplating and other industries.

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