Dust Collector Filter For Granite Is Low Operating Costs

Fiber bag type components are used to filter and collect solid particulates in dustgas, and such filter is widely used in the industries in terms of power station,metallurgy, cement, glass, chemicalsand papermaking etc.

Thededusting efficiency is very high and can reach over 99.99%; the filter is notsensitive to the properties of dust, will not get any impact from dust and electricresistance and it can operate atthe high temperature conditions of over 200℃ whenthe high temperature resistant filtering materials such as glass fiber,polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) and P84 are used.

We has optimized and innovated again based on absorbing domestic and foreign excellent technologies, and has acquired multiple patented technologies interms of compressed air blowing system, aidlow distribution etc. The optimized bagtype filter has the features as high dedusting efficiency,low steel consumption,low resistance and small coverage area etc.

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MC pulse bag type dust collector is consist of upper box,middle box,under box,dust removal system and jetting system.

1.Upper box is includes cover plate and air outlet.

2.Middle box is includes perforated plate, filter frame, sock and venturi.

3.Under box is includes ash hopper, air intake and access door Jetting system contains control valve, pulse electromagnetic value, injection pipe and air pocket.

Working Principle:

During the dust gas goes into middle box and under box,the dust can be attached to filter bag and outgoing gas after going through venture and upper box. With the increasing of dust, press loss for dust bag is increased,which will fed back to controller. Receiving and issuing commands, the controller will touch off every pulse valve to make gas erupts from each jetting hole,then pass a venturi tube and spray into corresponding filter bag. The filter bag expands rapidly under instantaneous reaction of airflow, dust fallen off of the filter bag, so the filter bag can be recycled.


Air volume(m3/h)  1452-21782172-32582898-43473624-54364350-65255436-81506900-115007800-130008600-14400
Fiter area(m2)24364860728496108120
Qty of bags(PC)3248648096112128144160
Size of bags(mm)Φ130*1850
Puse ValveSize(in)1
Filtion velocity(m/min)1.2-2.0
Entrance dust concent concentration(g/Nm3)<200
Exit dust concentration(mg/Nm3)≤30  
Bearing pressure(pa)<5000

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