Intelligent Single/Double Arm Movable Dust Purifier

2022-02-26 16:43

This product is widely used for dust removal, meterial recovery and air filtration in tobacco, medicine, food industry, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry,electric power, machinery manufacturing and other industries,Applicable to: welding smoke, various kinds of dust, polishing, odor purification, etc


HY series intelligent mobile smoke purifier adopts advanced processing technology to ensure the quality of each product. Equipped with a full-automatic electronic pulse back-blowing system, the filter can be cleaned in all directions, leaving no dead corners and high dust removal rate,improving the filter efficiency of the dust remover,enhancing the dust removal effect and prolonging the service life of the filter.Each HY series smoke purifier is equipped with one or two universal flexible suction arms to capture somke and dust,solve pollution problems from the source and prevent pollutants from spreading indoors.


1. Pulse rotary back-blowing device can remove dust in all directions without any dead angle, with good dust removal effect,and prolong the service life of filter element.

2. The filter element adopts polyester flame-retardant filter cartridge, which makes dust adhesion low,dust removal conveninet,filter area increased and ventilation efficiency improved.

3. The flexible arm can rotate 360 degrees and hover at any position,It can move the dust hood to the place you need,absorb pollution sources from the source,avoid the diffusion of pollutants around and improce the indoor environment.

4. Drawer-type ash storage box is designed to facilitate routine maintenance.

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